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Monday, June 24, 2013

It was a busy weekend!

Most times I don't like being busy on the weekends, but this one was a good kind of busy - if you know what I mean.

On Friday night we went out for dinner, the five of us. That doesn't happen too often anymore with adult boys who are off doing what they do or working. However, it was Matt's 23rd birthday so we went out to celebrate. 23!!!! When did that happen?

On Saturday we went into Toronto - 4 of us plus Katie, to see the Blue Jays Game with some of my family. We were late getting there because of traffic, but we finally made it and had a good time. Afterward, we went back to my sister's place for dinner.

On Sunday we had Church in the morning. Then in the afternoon Cameron played with his jazz band at the rib festival and John and I hit the garden centre to get our plants. We're a little late on this, but it paid off because there was a big sale on and we were getting 40% off on the plants. It was dreadfully hot yesterday, too! I got most of the plants in after it cooled down last night. Tonight John has to plant the trees.

Now onto something creative. This week, the challenge on the Use Your Stuff blog is to use office supplies on our projects. I used paper clips and staples.


  1. I really like this page.

  2. This is beautiful!!!

  3. Awesome layout love how you used the paper clips :)

  4. totally rocking 2 pager!! awesome

  5. Great layout! I love that journaling. So many times it gets left out.

  6. Retail therapy is always good! LOVING that 2 page design!

  7. Another great cruise layout...You have sure made some wonderful layouts of this trip!!!


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