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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fragments

I'm not sure how much exciting stuff I'll have for this post, but here it goes:
  • school is almost over - well in two more weeks. Right now Cameron is in the last push for classes, summatives, and assignments - and then it's exams. It's been a heavy semester for him so we'll both be glad when it's over
  • he's also looking for a co-op placement for the summer - as part of his SHSM programme that he's in. He will have to work all of July. He's actually looking forward to it and I know he'll do well because he loves :doing."
  • tomorrow is the big crop in Guelph - it's a fund raiser crop for the Children's Wish Foundation and Scrapbook Nerd is the onsite vendor for it. It's going to be a fun day.
  • we are trying to figure out what to do for our summer vacation. So many options - but everything is just too expensive.
  • Two of the boys have been complaining of issues with their backs so they had an assessment with the Chiropractor. I has suspected that it would be Cameron would have some issues going on, which, as it turns out, he does have some, but it's Matthew that has some major stuff going on. It was a big surprise, and a bit of a shock, but hopefully we will see some improvement with regular adjustments.
  • I love car conversations! I don't know what it is, but travelling in the car with my guys always produces some very deep, thought-provoking conversations. Last night was one of those conversations - it started as one topic and ended up with a philosophical debate on murder and morals. When we got home, it was late, but I went into the kitchen and within minutes Spencer joined me for a cup of tea and more conversation - the topic was different, but it was cool that he felt like he didn't want the conversation to end either. I love times like that!
This week on the Use Your Stuff, the challenge was to use flags.   I just love this new collection from Pebbles - Lakeside. It's so much fun, and the perfect collection for a Canadian summer!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Great photo's and I love you embellished the layout!

  2. Love this lake layout! Looks like a day of fun. I paged back and saw your triler at the lake...We have ours set up on a lot too! We had it delivered there...we've never driven it!!!

    We used to tow a trailer and camp when the kids were small but DH was quite happy to let someone else deliver it the 5th wheel!

    It is fun to get the lot set up just the way you want. This is our 3rd year since we bought the lot and we figure we will finally be finished everything we want to do, next year. I want to switch to a 500 pound tank and run the lines for the barbque and the firepit underground. DH had a heart attack last year and I don't want him to have to lift those heavy tanks to fill and refill!

    Loved this little glipse into life at the lake for your family!!!

  3. Fun layout. This is a great collection. I love car conversations too, it's a great way to be along together and just talk :)

  4. I'm scraplifting this one!!!

  5. Such a great layout~


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