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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hopefully this is a return to regular blogging!

I've been such a bad blogger lately. I've fallen out of my regular blogging routine and it's time I get back to it, and back to reading the blogs that I follow.

So, in an effort to break out of the blogging hiatus, I'm going to try and jumpstart my posts with this edition of Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen things that have kept me from blogging:

  1. The Scrapbook Nerd Store.  It's been up and running for about 7 weeks now and it's going really well.  I've been rather preoccupied with it for a few months now - lots to do including ordering and receiving product, uploading to the website, filling orders, mailing orders, lots of phone meetings with my partner, Joy.
  2. The Scrapbook Nerd Forums.  Since our mission statement it to try and capture the sense of community, and make connections with people who share our hobby, our Forums are very important to us. We've had a lot of great people joining us on the forums. It's been a lot of fun!
  3. My family. They have been very supportive of the new venture and have been happy to jump in and fill in the blanks around the house. I've been trying to make sure they are getting a healthy portion of the attention pie.
  4. Attending and hosting some crops in the past month.
  5. Vacation. Last week, Cameron (my youngest) and I went away for March Break with my sister. We were on a cruise in the Caribbean. It was Heavenly.
  6. Juggling Family Schedules - Cameron is the only one I really have to run around anymore - although I still have the occasion pick-up or drop-off at the bus for Spencer - but he's still involved in a few things that have meant that I still am in the business of running "Mom's Taxi.
  7. I've been able to squeeze in a little of my own creative playtime that's not business related.
  8. I've also been fortunate enough to have some time with friends. It's helped to keep me smiling.
  9. Faith-based and Church activities. Now that Cameron's practices have been switched from Tuesday to Wednesdays, we can not attend the Bible Studies at Church on Tuesday nights. We've been really enjoying it.
  10. Band practices of all types - Senior band, junior band, Divisional Youth Band, Jazz Band.
  11. Trying to keep up with the everyday running of the house, although, I must admit that it's been a bit of a challenge to keep up and the family is helping out a lot in this regard.
  12. Getting lost on-line. It seems that I have good intentions to blog, but then once I'm online my attention is easily diverted in one site or another.
  13. Sleep - although I haven't been getting enough of this lately!

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  1. Hey Barb! Glad to see you found some blogging time again. Life is crazy, isn't it? It sounds like you've been busy with pleasant things - especially that cruise!!

  2. Yep, we're all too busy, but I'm glad you're back. Happy blogging.


  3. glad to see you back to blooging!

  4. Glad you're back...I have been struggling to keep up with visiting all my old friends...sorry I haven't been round as much...sort of similar reasons as your except gardening instead of band!!!

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