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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Today ...

outside: it's dull and drissley.
thankful: to side-splitting laughter
eating: my breakfast - a bowl of Fuitloops, and a nice cup of tea
wearing: my PJs.
feeling: very nervous about our up-coming anniversary trip and being away from the boys and home for so long.
creating: a home renovation idea book. Soooo many ideas and inspiration out there!
enjoying: connecting with the teen girls at our Church. They are a great bunch of girls.
going: to meet with the contractor this afternoon to look at showers, and to go to the cabinet maker.
wanting: to try a bunch of new recipies
thinking about:  I don't know ... what am I thinking about?
needing:  to get into Matt's room and do a huge clean and purge!
wondering: who it was that compramised my credit card and put on a bunch of fraudulent charges - $2500 dollars worth. No, we didn't just purchase $1800 dollars worth of plane tickets on Porter Airlines!
anticipating: seeing someone from our past very soon.
sharing:  a quick layout of Cameron pretending to be Uncle Stephen (who has an abundance of chest hair.)
I don't know why the scan ended up so crooked.


  1. Fun layout, love the colors! We've had credit card problems in the past. So annoying.

  2. Oh gosh, your layout has me laughing. Such fun pictures and page!

  3. I just had a credit card issue and they tried to get a cash advance at a casino. fun layout.

  4. I love the strips of color!

  5. Such a fun layout!! :)

    I am sorry about the credit card issue. It's so frustrating that people feel it's ok to steal like that. In the past two years we have had to replace our credit cards at least three times and the same for our debit card :(

  6. Haha, such a great layout!

  7. oooooo home renovations.....It's overwhelming how much inspiration is out there, I keep an online idea book with Evernote. Good luck and have fun!! Make sure to tell me about these new recipes, I am always looking for a new one to add to our cookbook. I really like the story of this layout, too funny.

  8. Sweet layout :)
    Sorry someone used your credit card.
    I love that list :)


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