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Monday, October 01, 2012

This week on Use Your Stuff

...Lynne challenges us to use banners. Banners have been a big trend in the paper craft world for a while now but I have to admit that I haven't used them much, if any. I love the look, I just haven't made the effort.
What I thought I was going to do for the challenge, ended up being something completely different. I loved using the banners so much that I used them again last night when I was working on another project.

The pictures on the layout are of a moment I captured between Matt (who is on the Autism Spectrum) and Cameron. Cameron needed help with his Chemistry homework and Matt was more than eager to jump right in and help out while I ran for my camera.

Why not come by the Use Your Stuff Challenge Blog and share your project that has banners. We'd love to see them.

On another note, I'm terrible at writing a product list when I'm creating. How important is that for you when you're looking at people's projects online? It's not something that I look at when I'm looking at layouts, so maybe that's why I've never got in the habit of doing it. However, I was reading something online from someone who wasn't happy to see layouts without them, so it has me rethinking. So, is it something that is important to you?


  1. oh what a fantastic layout! greatjob- love the colors

  2. Wonderful page and great that you were able to capture those pics. Moments like that are fleeting! I don't bother with product lists myself. If there's something I see that I'm interested in, I'll email the blogger and ask. I figure others can do the same.

  3. Awesome layout! those photos are great!

  4. This is a wonderful page and I love how you used the banners. They're addicting. LOL! I don't look for supply lists when looking at people's layouts. If there's something in particular I'd like to know about, I message the blogger. :)

  5. This is such a great layout capturing a great moment :)
    Lots of great product, too!

    As for product lists, I will generally maybe mention the company I used.
    Sometimes the line as well.
    But I rarely go into specifics unless I use a product in an unconventional way.
    It doesn't bother me on blogs if people don't list the product used.
    Like Lisa said, I will message someone if I really want to know :)

  6. Great LO. I really like this one. (but I think I like all your LO's!) As for project lists, I'd have to agree that I don't need one and if I really want to know, I would just ask.

  7. Everything that Milena said goes for me too. Including the part about liking all your layouts :)

  8. A wonderful layout, Love the people cut outs and the banners and all the text

  9. Great layout!! Love the cute banner :)


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