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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation Day 4, and 5

Day 4
On Day 4 we were in Belize. It was another tender port so once again we had to board little boats that pulled up beside the ship to take us into shore.
Our plan on this day was just to go into the port and look around a little, and shop a little.
The port area itself was nice with a few shops to browse through.
After about an hour we decided to get a taxi and just do a driving tour of Belize City. Well - it ended up being a total waste of money. The taxi driver just drove us around, really fast - to the point where we were starting to feel unsafe. We didn't see much or learn anything. It was a waste of time.
Once we were back at the port, we spent the rest of the time just browsing the shops.

Day 5
This was our last port day and our favourite of all. We spent the day on the Island of Roatan in Honduras. We pulled in early in the morning just as the sun was rising. I watched from the balcony as they backed the ship into the pier. I dragged John out of bed to come and check it out because it was such a beautiful Island.
Roatan is what I visualize a perfect tropical Island to be - mountainous, lush and green as in rainforest type, and not overly populated.
We got off the ship and walked over to a beach that was within walking distance and parked ourselves on some lounge chairs and just enjoyed this perfect setting. John and Cameron spent a lot of time in the water snorkelling and John said it was fantastic. Unfortunately it started to pour rain and cleared the beach very quickly.
When it stopped raining, we decided to just walk through all the shops at the port before getting back on the ship for an early departure of 2 p.m.
Once we boarded again, we grabbed some lunch and a spot around the ship pool and enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we pulled away from the Island.
I'd love to go back someday and just stay for a week or so.

This was also our second formal night on this ship.


  1. Love the cruise stuff. I'm going on one in three months and this makes me excited. Rostand looks beautiful and I wish I could go there someday.

  2. I gotta say your posts are making me think I might actually try going on a cruise. Someday.


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