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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fragments

  • My painting is almost done. I'm on the last of the three rooms. Today I'm doing the second coat and then I just need to do the trim. I've also been taking the time to patch the dings in the walls around the house and doing touch ups. Do you know how many dings three teenage boys can put in walls?
  • Funny thing is when I was patching in the hallway upstairs I found a vertical crack. In that hallway (which is quite large) we have a computer area with the family computer, and the upright piano. I became very concerned thinking that maybe the floor wasn't strong enough for the piano and causing some structural issues. Beside the crack was a vertical buckle. When John came home later that night we were both checking it out and examining the ceiling underneath. Finally, after many minutes, Cameron said "OK, I need to confess. Spencer and I were wrestling and he threw me into the wall." I don't know how long ago it was, but he was afraid to tell us. Well, he picked the right time because we weren't mad, just relieved that it's not a structural issue.
  • Our band is in the middle of recording right now. Last night we were recording for a few hours and tonight we're back at it again. The rest of the recording will be done later.
  • This is where we'll be on Sunday ... two concerts. Lots of playing for us. I still have a couple of tickets for the evening concert if anyone wants them.
  • I was pinned on Pinterest! How cool is that??? Check it out here: Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? It's so addicting.
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Now, back to painting - lucky me!


  1. I took a peek at Pinterest. It's like Tumblr, right?

    I love the story about the crack in the wall--seriously love it. Three boys....say no more. Are you painting because you're selling your house, or just for fun?

    I wish I could attend your concert!!! Recording must be so exciting. Good luck tonight :)

    Thanks for linking up. It's a quiet Friday this week; expect more visitors next week. (I publish FF posts on Thursday nights at 9pm central, so link up any time after that.) Welcome!

  2. As the old saying goes, 'timing is everything.'

  3. sounds like you all have a lot of great things going on come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  4. I can definitely relate to the crack in the wall story!
    I'm trying to figure out Pinterest, but I'm not there yet!

  5. Congrats on the pin! I haven't checked out Pinterest... I'm afraid it will suck me right in.

  6. Oh those boys. Good luck this weekend, I wish I could be there to hear you play. I guess I have to wait for the CD.

  7. Congrats on getting pinned! Hope your concert goes well!

  8. Ha! Darn kids! In my old house there was a major ding in the wall that was clearly from a skateboard. I knew what it was from because I had reprimanded them for scooting it across the room many times. No clue when the damage was done and no one confessed. I'm sure it was all three of them.

  9. I'm glad the crack wasn't anything serious!
    Congrats on being pinned! I love pinterest and I was so excited the first time I saw I got pinned.

  10. The joys of rennovating and the discoveries you make!


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