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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week re-cap

Looking back:
It's the end of another week, and boy, what a busy one it was for me.
-It took me about three days to get all the laundry done from those of us who were on the cruise, and the one who stayed behind (who must have wore every item in his wardrobe!)
-John flew right from Baltimore to  Chicago and then came home Wednesday night so it was pretty busy for him too.
-Michele and I finally found and booked a house for our girls week vacation for next September. It was a real challenge this year, but we did it. Lots of phone time, and email time between the two of us this week. I know the girls are going to love it.
-there was a parents meeting this week for this year's Robotics Team at the high school. Cameron wants to join again. It looks like January, February, and March are going to be very intense for him again
-Matt and I went up to the trailer for the day on Friday to get it closed ... long overdue. The weather held off for the most part so we could get the work done. I hate closing the trailer.
-Friday night the girls went out for dinner. Fun!
-we had a Band Trip this weekend for our band. We went to Picton. It was a great concert last night and then we all went to the camp there to stay over. We stayed up way too late playing Empire. I think the last game ended somewhere after 1 am. I'm exhausted now, but it was a good weekend.

Looking ahead:
-Cameron, Matthew and I are going to the Humane Society tomorrow. It's been almost 6 months since Oliver has passed away and now that we're all back home, settled after the summer and vacation, it's time to start our search for a kitty. We're wanting to adopt a rescue kitty if we can. It's going to be so hard to find a kitty as sweet as Oliver was.
-lots of cleaning and organizing to get done this week.
-I also need to clean some carpets after Oliver, before another one comes to live with us
-Band fund-raiser next weekend - a Hoe Down on Saturday night - anyone want to come?
-hopefully getting together with Deb this week to do some catching up


  1. Very busy week for you Barb, but sounds like many good things were going on.
    What the heck is Empire?
    I might be interested in the Hoedown, but only if I don't have to dance. LOL.

  2. I guess being a mom doesn't get any easier as the kids get older, eh?


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