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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My New Toy

A couple of months ago, my friend, Joy,  made a Silhouette SD and was telling me all about it. At the time I was a very loyal Cricut user and thought that I had no need for a Silhouette. Then she uttered those three little words to me that I was dying to hear ...
"Print and Cut."

That did it. I was sold.

She pointed me in the right direction - EBAY. I made my purchase - $189 all in - no tax, no delivery - and best of all, no duty because I was timing it to be delivered while I was in the US.

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Michigan for the week I stalked the Fed Ex truck. Finally, my new toy arrived.

The best part of the whole thing (other than getting it) was that Joy was right there with me, to show me how to install it and give me my own personal silhouette lessons. (at least the start of the lessons - I know there will be more to come.)

I'm loving it. I'm loving the print and cut function. I just sent the image to my printer and then put it through the silhouette and it cuts it all perfectly. I'm also loving the fact that when I need an embellishment for a layout that I don't have, I can just do to the online store and search and purchase and use immediately.

I used it on this Fall layout. The tree, owl and all the leaves were all printed and cut through the silhouette and my printer. I'm very impressed! It cuts perfectly!

I won't be getting rid of my cricut because I still love the cartridges I have and the pieced die cuts they do, but it may not be getting as much action as it use to.

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