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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Friday Fragments

...done first thing Saturday morning - oh well.

* I finally got everything unpacked after my trip. It caused me to reorganize some things in my scraproom so it was a longer process than it needed to be, but I feel much better now. It's so nice having everything unpacked and put back where it should be after being packed up for the last 4 months. I see lots of scrapping in my future.

*Cameron had a great opportunity this week. He was asked to play with another high school who was invited to play the National Anthem with Classified at the Me to We Day at the Air Canada Centre. I didn't know much about Me to We before that, but I must say, I've very impressed. What an inspirational event ... one that he's still talking about. Check it out here: Me to We Day. I'm jealous with all the celebs he got to listen to.

*We're looking forward to our next vacation in a week. It feels like I'm a jet -setter these days. Next weekend in my nephew's wedding down in Virginia. Afterwards we're going to drive to Baltimore and get on the Carnival Pride and sail to the Bahamas with 10 other family members. It's going to be so much fun and so relaxing. I can't wait.
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I need to do in the next 6 days to get us all ready to go.
Spencer and Cameron won't be going on the cruise since they have school. The plan was that after the wedding they will drive back home with their cousin, James. Grandma will be here with Cameron and Spencer will carry on back in Waterloo. Unfortunately that plan my unravel as Spencer has a mid-term on Friday until 6 p.m. Really! 6 p.m. right before the Thanksgiving long weekend!!!! So, unless he can get it changed, he and Cameron will be staying home and not going to the wedding.

*Cameron is looking forward, as we all are, to adopting a new cat. We said that after the trip we would start looking for our new addition. I'd like to adopt a rescue kitty.
I still miss Oliver!

Well, that's it for me for now.

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  1. Only 6 days until your trip, that came quickly!
    We will miss you at cabin....this is the first time you wont be there. I will have to be on my best behaviour now that I don't have other trouble makers to sit with.
    OH ya Janet will be there!!

    Have a great trip Barb and family.

  2. I was very late to the FF party, too, so I thought I'd start at the end of the list :)

    Have a great vacation - sounds like it's going to packed with family time - that's nice. I can't imagine having an exam at 6pm before Thanksgiving - that's just wrong.


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