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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Feeling in a bit of a Funk


A blogging funk that is. Does anyone else get like this? Like you have nothing blog worthy going on? That you're just too tired to try and come up with something? Where it just seems like it's too much work? That's me this week. I know it will pass, it always does. For the couple of family members and couple of friends who actually check in here regularily ... please stand by.

In the meantime, here's the latest news and random thoughts from around here:
-the biggest news and excitment is that Spencer has been offered, and accepted a co-op job for the summer. It's in Toronto. I'll be happy to have him around more often again. Way to go Spencer!!
-and, good luck to him as he begins his final exams on Friday
-I've started back on the treadmill everyday. -OK, so maybe not everyday, but 5 times a week. I really am feeling the need to take better care of myself and to get back to a healthy lifestyle
-so then why did I make a chocolate cake the other day (telling myself it was a treat for my family) and then proceed to have three pieces since then? Please, will someone come over and finish it off so I don't keep looking at it all day because it's way to easy to justify eating it when I've burned some calories on the treadmill
-big weekend for the band this weekend.
-Cameron's jazz band is heading into the recording studio on Friday
-Oliver was feeling better after his round of antibiotics but now that they're done, I think he's starting to get sick again. The vet still can't say what's wrong with him. It could be a rare fungus???? He's starting to act a little strange too.
-vet bills are sooooo expensive. $700 later and we still don't have any answers.
-we had the teens from Church here on Sunday night. What fun, and what a great group of kids.
-I hate when my favourite TV station changes it's line-up. It really screws everything up for me.
-you can tell Sping is here. All the lawn services are calling.
-Today is a me day. I'm going for lunch with a good friend and going to a movie tonight with another one.
-I lost my pillow last summer and spent months afterwards trying to find a descent replacement to no avail. I don't know how many pillows I bought hoping it would be the right one. Finally, after having a headache (because of my neck issues) for at least two months, my chiropractor sold me a pillow that he uses. It's amazing!! I haven't woke up with a head ache or neck pain since I started using it!!!! I think I need to by a bright pink pillow case for it for when I travel so I don't leave it behind in a hotel - again!

OK. See ... not a whole lot blog worthy. Hopefully I'll be back soon with something a little more exciting. To my two or three faithful friends, please stand by!


  1. I think we all get like this miss Barb. Taking a break might refresh your blogging spirit.
    I know many times I have sat in the glow of my computer screen and started typing a post and started hitting the delete key after typing the title.

    I'll be here when you get back at it. :)

  2. Oh I hear ya - funk - I've been in it for about a year! BTW, Robyn's Nest and privacy for the password. Love ya!

  3. i'm on my way - please have a fork ready!

  4. What a wonderful experience for Cameron to go into a studio to cut a recording. Kudos to Spencer on his job.

  5. That's awesome for Spence and good for you for getting back on that treadmill!

    I've only just started blogging, so I'm not too sure what it's all about. I enjoyed reading yours, funk or no funk :)


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