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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cameron's Robotic Team participated in the "First Robotics Canada" regional competition on Saturday at the University of Waterloo. We went along to watch. We have never seen the robots in action before, nor did we really understand what it was all about. It was so much fun!!

The robots are on teams and the idea is that they have to race around and grab inflatables and put them on pegs. They get points according to how many they get up, and if they can do it in a certain order. When there is 10 seconds left in the race, they try and release a mini-bot from their bigger robot, onto a pole to climb to the top to set off a light. 

Cameron's team did very well, inspite of the fact they had some technical issues. During two of the seed matches they lost their mini-bot as soon as the match started which caused them to get a penalty. Still, they were able to make it to the quarter finals when they were chosen for an alliance. Unfortunately that's as far as they made it.

I managed to get a video of his team's robot in the quarter final match.

It was so much fun to watch!! I think I could easily become a team groupie!


  1. That was Awesome Barb...I bet that he had a fantastic time doing what he LOVES to do!

  2. I've seen coverage of this competition on Discovery. I hope my kids get into this when they are older - it would be SO. COOL!

  3. Totally Cool !!
    That looks like a ton of fun, Cameron must have had a blast.

  4. I've seen a documentary on this. It must have been quite the sight IRL!

  5. There use to be a show where people not only raced them but they also tried to destroy the other robots.


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