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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Smash Book

Check out this hot new product coming on the market in April. It's called Smash Book. How fun! I can't wait to get one and start playing.


  1. LOVE the video!!! I want a SMASH book too!!!! I have to find out where they will be selling them. TFS!!!

  2. Tina, I know a store in Mississauga is getting them in. Scrapbook Queens. Maybe they'll ship.

  3. That's neat but really it's like an art journal kind of right? It would be so easy to make your own! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Linda (lind)12:50 PM

    I like this idea as well. It would be just as easy to alter a book from the dollar store.
    It does resemble an art journal - TFS

  5. what a great marketing video. I think it makes me more excited about getting my crafty hands on them.

  6. I used to do this! Ikept my scrapbook and then I also had a book that I stuck stuff I like. I think I threw it out years ago, or I dismantled it. I must look for it and see...


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