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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Looking back
-I spent a lot of time this week getting scrapbooking packets put together. It's a very long process but its worth it in the end
-Cameron has stayed at school everyday this week after school for the Robotics Team. 3 - 8ish. Lots of hours but he's loving it. The Robots are almost ready.
-John was away from Sunday to Wednesday for work. I was hoping that it would be low-keyed around here but that wasn't the case
-Cameron had a youth group superbowl party on Sunday. He's not into football so I don't know how much he actually paid attention to the game
-Wednesday was my turn to provide dinner for the Robotics team (40 including teachers). My initial thought was to buy take-out but changed my mind and went with tacos. It was a success.
-had a parents meeting for High Rendition Jazz. Lots of talk on a trip they will be taking in April to Washington DC to participate in a jazz festival there.
-Friday Matt and I played in a composite band for a funeral in Toronto. It was the funeral for the father of a friend of ours. It was a beautiful celebration of his life.
-today we're travelling up to Guelph to attend an open-house for a friend of John's. Afterwards I think we're going to go for dinner with the in-laws.

Looking ahead
-after Church tomorrow I'm kissing my boys good-bye and then heading up to camp for a few days. Cathy has rented a cottage for a week and has a few girls going up to scrapbook and hang out. It will be a a nice, relaxing few days.
-we won't be seeing Spencer this weekend or all week as he has midterms. The week after we might not see him either if he decides to head up to Ottawa for his reading week.

This layout is from out trip to the East Coast a year and a half ago. *sigh* Good times.


  1. I am scrap-lifting this layout, Love it!
    You had a busy week at your place, I am sure you will enjoy the time at camp.
    Have Fun!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    It's been so long since I've visited friends' blogs; so sorry!

    If travel weren't so expensive, I would love to attend that jazz festival in Washington, DC to hear the High Rendition Jazz group perform. This Tuesday our 14 year old son will be singing in a jazz festival in the county just south of us. It's such a joy to hear kids who are excited about music!

    Have fun with your scrapbooking friends this week!

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

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