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Monday, January 17, 2011

Things that are making me happy right now

It's January, and it's been snowing ... a lot. The days are short, and it gets dark so early. So, I figured a list of things that are making me happy right now was in order. Focus on the possitive right?

1. We spent a great afternoon in Guelph this past weekend. We were celebrating my Father-in-law's 85th birthday. I always love spending time with family.
2. Cameron joining the Robotics Team. It makes me so happy to see him so passionate about something.
3. The days are getting longer ... although that's hard to believe.
4. We have lots of pretty, white snow on the ground ... with more on the way ... maybe a snow day?
5. Matt is liking his job and he seems to enjoy the people he works with.
6. Having the house and everyone in it back into a routine.
7. Having time to scrap again.
8. That a few of the teens at Church wanted me to come as an adult leader on their retreat in a couple of weeks - they even went to the Youth Pastor about it. It's nice to know that they think that I'm still cool and a lot of fun ... even if my own kids don't see it LOL!
9. Spending a lot of time on Facebook in a group that a friend from my teenage years set up to share our memories. There's so much that I'd forgotten about. Those were good times!
10. Not having to drive Cameron to school in the morning. I still get up (most days) but I can stay in my cozy PJs until after I have my breakfast and my tea.
11. Having two boys who have their driver's licence.
12. Curling up with the cat.
13. Putting on some candles and the fireplace in the evening.
14. Browsing DIY sites on the computer.
15. Having a casserole for supper on a cold night.
16. John making me a cup of tea and bringing it to me, just because.
17. Laughing with my boys.
18. Having a day when I don't need to leave the house for anything.
19. Listening to my favourite playlist on my ipod.
20. When the cat uses the scratching post instead of trying to use the couch,

Well, that casserole is almost done. Dinnertime! Yum!

Check out these two cuties! My neice's twins. They really bring a smile to my face.


  1. Cute layout - my son is into robotics too but we don't have any clubs near by - hope he enjoys it!

  2. fablous family photo on header.. and the cutest LO.. congrats

  3. I wish I could get Dave to make me a cup tea, for any reason at all.

  4. Great idea for a list. I love lists.
    Really like the layout, the photos are great also.
    Time for some tea.


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