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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally feeling ready for Christmas!

I feel like I've barely had anytime to just stop and breath in the last couple of weeks. Last week was the worst for just going on auto pilot.

Here's a glimps of my last week:

-John, Matt and Cameron were all home sick with the flu
-Matt had an appointment that he wanted me to go to with him
- noon time - played with a small combo at a school in Mississauga
- stopped on the way home to do some shopping and get some groceries
-Monday night was Carols in the Park - yes, that meant playing outside. I don't know if you remember, but it was a very cold night. I was dressed in many layers, but I still froze. Afterwards I enjoyed having coffee and thawing out at Second Cup with some friends.

-my only free day of the week. I stopped into Scrapbook Queens to crop a little. I left early to do some more shopping (unsuccessfully)

-we (Matt, Spencer, and I) played with a small combo for a Rotary Lunch.
-Matt had an ortho appointment just after so I dropped him off and then went shopping again.

-Matt and I played in a small combo again - this time it was at the Brampton Courthouse and it was for a carol sing. It was really enjoyable. Even the attorneys came out in their court robes to join in.
-after a quick change in the parking lot, we went for lunch and then had to go to Costco

-more shopping and grocery shopping
-lots and lots of cleaning
-played on the Kettles in the mall for two hours in the evening
-I had to miss my friend, Deb's party

-we hosted John's family Christmas again this year. It was a smaller group, but it was extra nice because John's brother was here from England
-I had to miss my friend, Crystal's party

-we played in a nursing home in the morning before Church
-played at Church, of course
-in the late afternoon/evening I was a driver for the Youth Group's progressive dinner - much to Cameron's dismay!

-drove Cameron up to my sister's. He stayed there for three days and voluteered to work on the Salvation Army truck with my brother-in-law. They were doing all the toy/food drive pick-ups from businesses, schools, and organizations.
-Cathy and I spent the day together shopping
-my shopping is now done - well, not the groceries

-I couldn't get off the couch, I was so tired. I ended up just spending the afternoon wrapping all the gifts

Wednesday (gee, that was only yesterday, but it feels a lot longer)
-went for lunch with Deb for her birthday
-squeezed in some grocery shopping before I had to drive to Waterloo to pick Spencer up after his last exam.
-dropped him off and then went to Mississauga - Cameron had youth group movie night and so Cathy and I went to see a different movie
-fell into bed at 12:30!

-I'm still in my PJs. All I need to do is get the boys going. Matt and Spencer have a bunch of stuff to get done today. Fortunately they can take the car and I can stay home.
-I have a little cleaning and organizing I need to do, but that's it
-tonight is our traditional "Wrapping Party" where we eat yummy sweets, wrap gifts, and put on a Christmas movie.


Here are some pics from the family Christmas on Saturday:

Oliver had to be a part of the festivities in an inconspicuous way.

Two of John's very cute nieces.

Beth and Garish

Trying to look cool.

Matt played Santa this year to hand out the gifts.

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  1. You busy bee!!! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Enjoy tonight it sounds like fun! :D


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