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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thirteen Things

Nothing special in this Thursday Thirteen post, just 13 things:

1. For some reason my music library won't sync to my itouch now. I have all the songs that I've purchased through itunes but none of the songs from our music library. It's very frustrating. I just spent two hours trying to figure out and search for a solution to no avail.

2. Cathy has rented a cottage up at camp for next week (she's off for the week) and is having some of her friends join her for scrapping. I'm going to just be able to go up for this weekend and will have tom come back on Monday. It should be a fun, relaxing weekend.

3. Matt's in the thick of it at school again. He has a few assignments, tests, and other things going on this week and next. Normally that kind of thing would send him into an anxiety shut-down mode, but he's handling it all very well right now and is doing his best to stay focused on the task at hand. I love progress!

4. We had a new furnace installed the other day. Poor guys thought it might just take 4 or 5 hours, but they were here for 8!

5. We went to see "Up in the Air". I love George Clooney, but I don't know. The movie was just so-so for me. He was as adorable as ever, though.

6. school tours start next week for the Halton Junior Jazz band. Then it's Music Fest. The playing season has begun.

7. Spencer has been asked to go on a band trip with another Church as they need help. Unfortunately it's just to Michigan, LOL. -and Mother's Day weekend. Oh well.

8. Matthew has been trying to educate me on World of Warcraft and the role playing group he's with. I still don't get it.

9. Come to think of it, my brain isn't getting a lot these days. It's like I'm living in a fog.

10. Cameron has threatened to ban me from his facebook. He said that I'm stalking him, LOL! (no, I'm not really)

11. I think the fish might be hungry. I keep hearing him "flopping" around at the top of the tank. Maybe I should feed him.

12. We're booked for March Break. At this point we don't know if it will be five of us, or three of us and my sister. It all depends on whether or not the college teachers go on strike. If they do, then Matt will be off and we will all go together. If they're not (let's pray they're not) then John and Matt will go somewhere during Matt's reading week and Spencer, Cameron and I will head to Myrtle Beach with my sister.

13. I think I need to go and get some things packed up for the weekend. I truly could waste my whole entire day on my computer.

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  1. A fun list, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have some good family things going on! And I agree with you about Up in the Air!

    My TT is up, come and visit!

  2. vacations become more complex as the kids get older...or more simple if you intend to leave the kids behind.


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