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Monday, February 15, 2010

For Today ...

Outside my window...The sun is setting and it's starting to get dark. Still, it's nice to notice that the winter days are getting longer again.
I am thinking... how wonderfully peaceful today has been.
I am thankful for... days like this. It's Family Day here which means no school or work. We've spent the day watching the Olympics.
I am wearing...Yoga pants, a t shirt, and a sweater.
I am remembering... not as much these days. Sometimes getting older isn't fun.
I am going... on a school trip with Cameron tomorrow. The school band is playing at music fest.
I am currently reading... The Vampire Diaries. I'm on the third book.
I am hoping... for more Gold for Canada!
On my mind... the Olympic games.
Pondering these words ... "Don't let your luggage define your travels." Shane Koyczan
From the kitchen... It's Mom's day off. I wonder what John will be picking up for dinner?
Around the house... are boys who are finishing up homework.
A few plans for the rest of the week ... Music Fest three times with three different bands. I don't think there will be much scrapping time for me this week.

From my 365 photos for the week...
Monday - looking our the door of our cottage.

Tuesday - my laptop (a picture I took for the challenge in the last post.)

Wednesday - my boys heading out the door.

Thursday - the front of the fridge with all the post-it notes

Friday - watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Saturday morning and a little Youtube time.

Sunday - Matt getting in some cuddling time with Oliver. (apparently Oliver likes the smell of Matt's leather coat.

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    All that music fest-ing sounds delightful!

    Daughter Lydia has decided to learn to play piano, so one of her high school friends is beginning to teach her. I enjoy listening to her practice. I still miss hearing violin practice, though, which Rebecca and Lydia pretty much gave up when they stopped home schooling and began public schooling four years ago. Sigh!


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