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Monday, January 25, 2010

For Today...

Outside my window... it's dark and damp. It's been raining on and off all day. I really don't enjoy winter days like this. I much prefer the snow.
I am thinking... about a good friend. She's been going through a very difficult time lately and she deserves so much more.
I am thankful for... my friendships. I'm so blessed.
I am wearing... jeans, a black t shirt, a grey cable knit sweater, and barefeet. Does that make any sense to you? LOL!
I am remembering... not much. My mind is foggy right now ... from the headache I guess.
I am going... no where tonight. I've been running boys around all day today, and I'll be doing more of the same tomorrow.
I am currently reading... well, not much, except lots of blogs.
I am hoping... that this headache that has bothering me for four days now will go away.
On my mind... the orphaned children that have been arriving in Canada. I hope they are able to adjust to their new lives quickly and are able to be happy.
Noticing that... it's awfully quiet around here right now. Hopefully that means that one boys is studying for his exam tomorrow, and the other two are doing homework.
Pondering these words... I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.
From the kitchen... Chicken Stir-fry tonight. I was happy to have a quick meal to make.
Around the house... my hard work paid off and I can relax and enjoy a clean and tidy house.
One of my favorite things~ a clean house!
From my project 365:

Monday: Matt has decided to name the vacuum "Old Denty". Too funny!

Tuesday: I use this box everyday. It holds my weekly menu with all the recipies I need. I love it!

Wednesday: Cameron and Spencer watch some TV together in Spencer's room.
Thursday: My new front door. I couldn't seem to get a picture of it without a reflection.

Friday: Milena, Crystal, Adriana and I started painting classes on Friday mornings.

Saturday: Deb and I went out to see "It's Complicated". Very funny movie.

Sunday: John tried to get Spencer out of bed by playing over his head. It didn't work.

To play along with this meme, go here: http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/. It seems to grow every week.


  1. I love John's wake-up call idea. What a hoot.

  2. I love the music notes on the wall! Is that a decal? Very cool! :o)

  3. i love these posts, seriously love them!!! thanks for sharing this and great photos!!

  4. I like Matthew's sense of humour!

  5. Great photos. Try taking your front door photo again with the polarizer filter. You may not cut out the reflection entirely, but it may tone it down a bit.


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