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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Fundy Coast

We spent the last couple of days making our way around the Fundy Coast. The Bay of Fundy is home of the world's highest tides. We saw quite a few little fishing villages where the boats were stranded on the floor of the harbour during low tide. During high tide, the channels fill with water, releasing them to go out fishing.
We took lots of time to stop and explore some of the beaches along the way. It was very relaxing. Matt and Cameron are both rock hounds so they love scouring the beaches and cliffs looking for rocks and minerals.

It was good to arrive home at the end of the vacation, but it was sad too. I'm very aware that this vacation was likely our last vacation together as a family. With Matt being 19, and Spencer soon 17, I know that summer jobs and then full time jobs are a reality. Anytime I get to enjoy my family together as a whole, now, will be bonus time for us. Bonus time that I will savour every minute of when we get it.
After spending a week at music camp, and two weeks on the road, I am tired. I spent the last two days doing 12 load of laundry. (how is that possible????)
Today Cameron and I are heading up to the trailer. Milena and the girls are going to come up and join us. Spencer and Matt are staying home as Spencer has a weekend of jazz concerts and rehersals. My parents will be joining us next week.
I'm looking forward to lots of rest and relaxation during August. I'm also hoping for a return of my scrapping mojo. I certainly have lots of pictures to get to.


  1. Wow Barb those are some awesome pictures. Enjoy your time up at the cottage.

  2. Beautiful photos, Barb! I'm glad you had a nice vacation with your family. We're still at the stage where there are a number of family trips still in our future, but I can imagine how sad it is for you to reach this stage. :(

    Enjoy the quiet time at the trailer. Hopefully you'll have some nice weather so you can soak up the sun.

  3. The Bay of Fundy is a wonderful place to explore. Watching the tide roll in and out is amazing. I would love to go tidal riding.


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