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Friday, July 03, 2009

I saw this article posted on http://just-a-scrappin.blogspot.com/ and knew I had to share it here. (if you can't read it, just click on it to make it bigger.)
This is how I grew up. My parents drugged me and my siblings and I am so glad they did.

It seems that so many parents today have a hard time setting limits for their children. They are trying to be friends with them instead of parent them. "No" just isn't in their vocabulary. This generation is growing up so coddled that they are having a hard time taking responsibility for themselves and their futures. ...and they are so disrespectful!

I'm happy to admit that we use "drugs" on our boys. No, we don't drug them to the garden shed, or drug them to have their mouth washed out with soap, but we do require our boys to be respectful and take responsibility. They are expected to help out around the hosue and to be a good citizen in this world. Are they perfect, absolutely not. However, they are good young men, inside and out. I'm very proud of them and who they are.

I will continue to drug my children, and you know what? They like it.


  1. Bravo Barbara! I love when I hear parents say this is how they choose to bring up their children today. There is little of this attitude in the world anymore and I miss it. I too was brought up to be respectful and to take responsibility for myself and others and these are character traits sad lacking.
    Your sons will be good and strong men who will be well respected.

  2. Setting clear boundaries, yet broad enough to allow for personal growth and development is critical. It is not the events in themselves that are the keys...though some events help reinforce character and personal ethics...but the gentle discipline and molding that is the key. Discipline and molding takes juduciious time and effort but the investment is well worth it.


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