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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Since Father's Day in on Sunday, this TT is all about my Dad.

13 Things about my Dad

1. My Dad is a very spiritual man. He has a very strong faith and lives that faith every moment of his life. He has been a big inspiration to me.

2. He is a man of great integrety.

3. My Dad has always been very hard working. He worked really hard and worked his way up in his job and earned a lot of respect from everyone around him.

4. Outside of work he did a lot at the Church and on various committees.

5. He is a great leader.

6. My Dad loves his family. He enjoys being around family and takes great pride in his children and grandchildren.

7. For my Dad, music and Banding was always a big part of his life. He enjoyed it and passed that love onto his children. As a result of his love for music, all his children, and all his grandchildren are musical and can play an instument.

8. For many years Dad was a Bandmaster. He lead the Salvation Army Band, and well as the Junior Band, teaching children how to play.

9. After having five of his own children, My Dad (and my mom of course) opened their home to many, many foster children. For years there were babies and toddlers coming and going. Of those many children, two became permanent members of our family.

10.My Dad sacrificed so much to raise those 7 children ... and did so without complaining.

11. My Dad is a sensitive man who was never afraid to show emotion.

12. My Dad is wise. Growing up, no matter what difficulties came into my life, he always seemed to know the answer, or at least how best to handle it. Of course, I didn't always listen, but now as an adult, I really appreciate his wisdom.

13. My Dad has been one of the most influencial people on my life. I thank God that I was so blessed to have him as my Dad.

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  1. Well said! We are all very blessed to have had him as our father. I agree, he has been one of the, if not the most influencial person in my life.

  2. I concur...we are blessed.

  3. It's a blessing just reading about your dad, Barbara! :)

  4. I was going to do a tribute to dad, but could not come up with the right words. I like your list. Well said!

  5. Very nice tribute to your Dad. It's important to take as many opportunities as possible to let our loved ones know how much we appreciate them and for what reasons.


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