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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

10 on Tuesday

OK, I'm trying to mix it up a little.

Here's a fun meme I just found called 10 on Tuesday. They give you a topic and you do a list of 10.

10 Favourite things to do with "me" time:

1. I know this will shock you all, but the top of my list is scrapbooking. I know, I know. Who knew? Well, it's true. I love to scrapbook.
2. Go for lunch with a friend.
3. Watch TV.
4. Surf the internet ... especially blogs
5. flip through scrapbook magazines ... because this is different than actual scrapbooking
6. read. I have discovered reading in the last year ... but they have to be certain books. I don't really enjoy fiction. Weird, I know.
7. enjoy a hot cup of tea ... and the beauty of this one is that it can be combined with everything on my list.
8. organize things
9. putter out in the garden (when I can just putter and not have to do heavy work)
10. browse home decorating stores


  1. 1. Me too! I love scrapbooking. (surprise, surprise...)
    2. I love going to lunch too. See, we could be really good friends if we lived in the same city! Well, even better friends, ya know...
    3. Okay, I'm picky about the shows I watch, but I could watch my favourite shows for hours on end. :S
    4. Love reading blogs and surfing the net!
    5. Yes, I love reading scrappy mags.
    6. Nonfiction is my first love in books as well. I have enjoyed a few good fictional works, but I find it easier to read nonfiction. Requires less concentration. lol
    7. tea. coffee. love it all.
    8. Sorry, this is where we part ways. But I could HIRE you to come organize my home! See, we could definitely make this work.
    9. gardening... again, not my thing. We do it because we need to, so our neighbours won't hate us. lol
    10. home decor is not my strong suit... again, I would hire you to help me out here! lol

  2. we have a lot in common Miss. Barb.
    Go figure !!!

  3. Surfing the net I do as well as read...the rest, not really.

  4. I enjoy lunch with friends and blog-surfing - not at the same time, though.

    I love reading almost anything in just about any genre except horror and Harlequin romance (gag me!).

    Tea is mandatory every day. Several cups throughout the morning, and one after lunch.

  5. Hi, Barbara,
    Sometimes I do Ten on Tuesday. I'll have to do it again, since you're doing it now!

    All of your favorite things sound great, with the one big difference being that I don't scrapbook. A couple of my daughters do, though. Does that count?


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