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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Guess where I am right now? No, I haven't taken some exotic vacation and am sitting on a nice beach somewhere. Nothing like that. But ... it's pretty relaxing just the same. I am sitting in the backyard, in our new gazebo. We have purchased a new "converstion set" (outdoor couch, chairs and coffee table.)

This is very pleasant. It was raining earlier so everything is fresh, and wet, except for where I'm sitting. The birds are singing, and it smells wonderful. (if it weren't for all the traffic noise on the streets around us I might actually think I was at a cottage somewhere.) I think this will be my new morning ritual for the summer months. Even the cat has decided to join me.

Ahhhhhh! Maybe I'll just stay here all day. Think anyone will miss me?


  1. I think you would definitely be missed, but boy, does it sound relaxing!

  2. You will be missed Barb by the boys........It sounds very nice and relaxing.....Can we all come and crop??.....I can be prepared like Michele always asks 'Getting ready for a wind storm?'----while using the magnetic board and magnets! LOL

  3. Sitting and enjoying the outside is wonderful.

  4. Your discription counds wonderful. You might just get more than just the cat joining you bu the sounds of it. Enjoy your mornings.


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