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Friday, May 08, 2009

20 Favorite Things

I'm participating in another meme from http://thesimplewoman.blogspot.com/ because, well, if the truth be told, I have nothing else to blog about at the moment. How sad is that? (actually, quiet equals good around here.)

20 Favorite Things:

1. Color-orange.
2. Dessert-chocolate cake
3. Smell-the forest in the spring
4. Flower-Gardenias
5. Animal-Lions, Tigers, Lepeords
6. Month- tough choice for me. I would say December because, even though it's so busy, it's filled with loved ones and thoughts of loved ones.
7. Beverage-cup of hot tea
8. Pair of shoes-converse sneakers in the summer, boots with my jeans in the winter
9. Snack-I love potatoe chips ... just about any kind, followed by something chocolatey, but since I'm trying to eat healthier, I've stopped bringing it into the house.
10. Song- "Delila" by Plain White Ts
11. Book-my favourite would be the Bible
12. Fruit-another tough call - purple grapes right now
13. Hairstyle-anything that I can straighten and keep straight as I hate my curly hair
14. Piece of clothing-blue jeans and a white T-Shirt. (sorry to all my friends who get to see me wear this time and time again.)
15. Store to clothes shop- Reitman's I buy almost all my clothes there now
16. Season-Autumn
17. Hobby-hmmmm ... let me think .... SCRAPBOOKING!
18. Thing to collect - photographs
19. Movie-I don't have a favourite, but I like anything that makes me laugh
20. Restaurant-anywhere that I don't have to cook and clean up and doesn't come in a box.

OK, now show me your favourites!


  1. I have increasingly come to love Autumn...cooler temps, colors, football (college and pro), start of hockey season. My favorite color reflects home turf....blue (Leafs, Argos, Jays).

  2. what??? favourite clothes aren't workout pants??? LOL!

  3. I love a cup or two or three of hot tea.

  4. Hi, Barbara,

    I've been enjoying a lovely morning, quietly sipping my coffee, reading friends blogs, and playing word games on Facebook. Now you're tempting me with a 20 favorites list and I know I will succumb! One of my favorite things is making lists! :P

    I share some favorites with you, but I'll tell you later on when I think my list through.

    Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!

  5. Great idea again from that website!!
    I will get mine posted soon, I love reading these kinda things....you find out so many things about your friends :)


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