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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fly-by Post

What a busy time of year! next to Christmas, I think this has to be the busiest. I've been running around like crazy all day and think I will get to blogging in the evening, but then the evenings come and I am just too exhausted to do anymore than just blog surf. So ... I'm taking a quick minute out right now to do a quick post. ...not that there is any big, exciting news to share with you all or anything.

-the school year is starting to wind down and that's evident in the last minute assignments and the school trips, concerts, and school fairs that they always try and cram in at this time of the year. At this moment I am very happy to announce that all three boys are all caught up and functioning very well at the moment. This makes for a stress-free hoome.

-Halton Junior Jazz Band is winding down. They had their last practise yesterday. Next week they have a full day of school tours followed by a party afterwards. They will also be playing for the HDSB retirement dinner, and then they will be finished for the year. Since Cameron is in grade 7, he will automatically get in for next year. I think there is only one other grade seven student so it will be a whole new group next year.

-the High Rendition Jazz (Spencer's all-star jazz band) is just starting their performances. They have a big concert on Friday night (for which I will have a house full of company for). Most of their performances are over the summer months.

-tomorrow night is concert night at the high school.

-my gardens are finally done. Monday I put down the last of the mulch and other than maintenance, I won't be doing a thing more other than relaxing and enjoying the end result. When the weather is nicer, I'll try and take pictures.

-Friday a group of girls are going down to Buffalo for the day to a scrapbook convention. We're just going to check out the shopping ... not that I will be buying much, but it's always fun to check things out. It will be a quick trip for me as I need to be back by 5 for company.

-Cathy and I had a fun night at the trailer on Friday night. We relaxed, chatted, had a campfire, and then scrapbooked all day Saturday. Doesn't that sound perfect? It was!

-have I ever told you how much I love having campfires? It's the best part of the day at the trailer.

-tomorrow I'm going to the annual ILP meeting (individual living plan) for my brother Rick. (for those who don't remember, my brother has Down's Syndrome and is living in a group home now.) Mom, Dad and I will be going to that. My parents will be staying for the weekend due to all the activities happening here.

-we have a family reunion to go to on Saturday. It looks like the weather will be good.

OK, off to get a ton of stuff done today.
Have a good one everyone.


  1. I agree with you on the campfires. Enjoy the reunion.

  2. take lots of pics at the reunion!

  3. What an interesting post, Barbara, especially considering how tired you must be with all that busy-ness.

    The concerts must be wonderful. Congrats to the boys on their musical accomplishments!

  4. I totally know what you mean by busy.

    Enjoy everything that is happening right now. Take lots of pictures and remember to share as I love reading your posts.

  5. I love campfires. One of the drawbacks of camping in the south in the summertime is that it's too doggone hot for a fire. Northern camping is perfect for campfires.

  6. Wow, you ARE busy! I love reading about your goings-on though. You're busy with GOOD stuff, and I love that. :)

    How was CKC? What'd ya buy? lol

    I'm glad to hear school's going so well for your boys. Enjoy the special year-end activities with your family! :)


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