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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

bits and pieces

There's nothing overly exciting happening in this neck of the woods ... certainly nothing blog worthy ... or rather something that is a whole blog post. So ... here's everything all compiled together:

-I'm still battling this cold/flu thing that I came down with while we were on vacation. It's been two weeks now. I'm getting a little tired of it and thought I was on the mend last week, but it's still hanging on. Fortunately, the vertigo has subsided.

-Poor Matt has come down with it. He started last week and seemed better on the weekend so I thought he was going to get off easy. Yesterday the poor guy couldn't even get out of bed and was feverish. Today he went to school armed with a pocketful of tylenol as he can't afford to miss right now.

-Matt hasn't decided yet which college offer he wants to accept. We will be going up to check out the campuses. Seneca offers a four-day programme in the summer designed for people with learning disabilities to help them make a smooth transition. He would get to stay and eat free for four days and they have a whole slew of activities and events to meet the people they will need to know, and the resourses that will be available to them. How cool is that? (can you guess which school I'm leaning towards ... but the choice is his.)

-lots of concerts going on right now (and the practises that go along with them). Cameron had a full day of school tours yesterday with the HJJB. I tagged along to one school. He played a solo at one of the schools. Next week he has a concert at Hamilton Place. Spencer has a concert on Friday night for "rising stars" with the DYB. I'm not sure if his school band is playing at the same concert next week at Hamilton Place. After that there are a few concerts this month. It will be a busy one.

-I must confess to falling a little behind in my project 365. I'm behind about two weeks in picture taking. I think I will just leave those weeks out and continue on. I still love the idea of the project but haven't had very exciting photo opportunities.

-I'm really enjoying driving the new vehicle. I wonder if John has gotten over that sick feeling in his stomach over purchasing it.
-tell me how all the laundry can be done, folded and put away on Friday morning and when I come home on Sunday night there are five loads? How is that possible?

-OK, time to get off this thing and get myself dressed. I'm off for lunch today with my friend, Debbie. We have so much to talk about and catch up on!


  1. i hear you about that stupid cold thing. event the kids caught it. poor owen is on ventolin and i'm downing buckley's like it's candy. we're going onto week #3. it sucks.

  2. Hoping the cold goes for good.
    WOW, college already for one of your boys. This is a great time when they are finally able to make their biggest decision in life. I hope he picks something that makes him happy.

    Have a super time at lunch with Debbie.

  3. ugly colds seem to be staying around longer these days, I hope it leaves soon.
    That sounds like a really cool program that the school is running, they should do that for all kids and parents!
    I wish I got more layouts done to Barb....no Shopping next year or we have to go a day earlier.
    I vote for an extra day!


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