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Saturday, March 07, 2009

hahahahaha! Love this Video!

If you're a Facebooker you need to watch this. OK, I don't dislike everything this guy says ... like "old people on facebook" ... hey! I don't hate having old people on facebook ... he probably considers me as being one of those old people, but most of it had me laughing.

I don't hate facebook, but there is sooooo much of it that I find pretty stupid and just a complete waste of time. Sometimes I just shake my head and think "have I just gone back to high school?"


  1. Facebook is a good thing when people use it for the right reasons. I have seen some crazy things on there that I am sure when these people are my age will be shamed by what they have posted. Only problem with facebook is you are unable to delete most of the items you have posted so there is your premenate record.

  2. I LOVE THAT!!!!
    I need to delete my facebook account thanks for the reminder.
    Great find Barb.

  3. Anonymous12:20 AM

    I totally agree. I don't hate facebook, but the status updates where people indicate what/where they doing/are -are crazy! I have *never* updated mine, and I IGNORE all of those application requests, etc. The main reason I use facebook is to connect with relatives I have never met to help find further information on my family tree research that I have been working on over the years. Also used it to share in a memorial of the passing of a loved one, by sharing pictures of them and videos. It was a much easier and quicker way to share pictures and videos, especially for those who are FB savvy but not internet or email savvy. FB seems to be highly used by high school teens and university students - that was who developed the application. Thanks for the YouTube link - its worth posting on FB. :-)

  4. I've resisted Facebook, even though a number of people I know are on it. I've got so many footprints all over the Internet, I'm leery of starting yet another account.

  5. So, may I add you as a Facebook friend? :P

  6. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Love it! Thanks for sharing! There are so many things in this list that I can relate to! LOL

  7. I totally concure about the poking and gift things. I've tried it and just don't get it...

    I like being able to reconnect with friends of the past and family - to keep up on some of the little things in life.


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