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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Random thoughts

Thirteen Random Thoughts bouncing around my head

1. I can't seem to focus my brain enough this morning to figure out a good topic for Thursday Thirteen.

2. I officially started my Christmas shopping yesterday. I spent a few hours going from store to store, crossing items off my list. I was pretty successful. Now I just need to find somewhere to hide the loot so that certain people around here don't "stumble" across them over the next few weeks. It's getting harder and harder finding good hiding spots.

3. Why are teenagers so hard to get out of bed! (Ok, I do know why .... but, why me??) There has to be an easier way than yelling!

4. My Parents will be over this afternoon. Tonight we have a Christmas party to go to with my brother, Ricky.

5. Yay! I actually get to dress up like a girl today! I get to shed my jeans, do my hair, put on some make-up and jewelry, and some heals. (I hope I don't fall off my heals and break my ankle!)

6. John's Christmas party is this weekend so that means I get to dress like a girl two days this week.

7. I don't enjoy going to his Christmas parties. I know, I'm bad. I'm an introvert and so I find it very difficult sitting at a table for two hours, talking to people I don't know ... making small talk. The thought of the reception before hand, and having to mingle around, is really making me nervous!

8. Apparently I have too much time on my hands. I really hate it when someone tells me that! We all have the same amount of time people, we just choose to use it differently. In the same vane I really hate it when someone says "It must be nice to have the time to do that". Again, it's a choice! We all make time for the things we love to do!

9. I'm so happy right now as Matt has been making some friends at school and has gone out after school with them to get something to eat. (this is a big deal in the life of someone who has a disorder that makes relating to others very difficult ... he has Nonverbal Learning Disorder.) He's even been texting with a girl!

10. Still on the Matthew front, he has some direction for next year (finally, whew!) He's interested in taking a chemistry programme at Seneca. This is a huge step for him. Now we can start to move forward.

11. Cameron got his report card yesterday. We were pleased with what we saw. I'm looking forward to the parent/tacher interview tomorrow when we will be discussing the accomodations for him. He's been working so hard both at school and at home.

12. We went to see Four Christmases last weekend. I love movies where I can laugh a lot ... and I did. It was very funny.

13. I seem to be having a hard time finishing the decorations for Christmas. I got the tree up, the main floor decorated. Now I need to put the tree up in the basement family room and decorate that room and hang some garland outside. An hour's worth of work and I'd be done, but I can't get motivated.

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  1. My hubby's work Christmas party is this weekend as well, and I feel the same way you do.

    On a completely different subjuct, your scrapbook layouts are gorgeous! I haven't really scrapped much this year, but I love to. I think that's going to be my New Year's resolution this year.

    Happy TT!

  2. I'm really wanting to see Four Christmases! I'm glad you liked it!

  3. Thanks for stopping by today. I love random thoughts. I really want to see Four Christmases too, at least now I know it's worth the price of admission. I'm not a big fan of parties either, they give me all kinds of anxiety, but at least you get to dress up.

  4. Thanks for the visit! Your thoughts don't seem so "random".....I need to start focusing on my family more, hence the goals!

  5. My Christmas party is tonight. Dave decline the invitation to come with me.

  6. Hello - Happy TT.

    Not entirely sure that it's fair to say that everyone has time to do things they love though. I know that often I am working too many hours and have to put things on the back burner. I still love to do them but know that taking the work when it's there is the priority.

  7. Our office party is tomorrow from 11 to 2:30. I will not be in attendance at this big dress up event due to a business meeting in Culpeper that takes priority.

  8. I want to see that movie. I am glad to hear it is good.

  9. You sound oh-so-busy, but hey, you get to dress up a couple times, so that will be fun. It's good to hear how well your son is doing. :)

  10. The comment was a sarcastic joke!!!

  11. I want to see Four Christmases! I like Reese and Vince, but I heard that they didn't get along on the movie set!


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