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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thirteen Things that are sitting on my desk right now

1. My planner
2. picture cds from our trip out to Calgary two and a half years ago (I was looking for a picture the other day)
3. plastic dividers from a container that I purchased at Ikea last week.
4. Four Chatelaine magaizines that my mother brought to me last week (not sure if I will actually have time to sit and look through them.)
5. Two pairs of earings that someone gave my mother and she passed them along to me (she doesn't have pearced ears)
6. a container of paper scraps (Ummmmm .... I think that has been there for a while!)
7. Photoshop Elements 7 that John gave me for my birthday that I haven't gotten around to installing on my laptop yet. (I wonder how long that will take me ... I think I'm secretly afraid of photoshop)
8. My laptop case.
9. Some paint I just picked up for scrapbooking. (of course, I just had to have it!)
10. A new laser ruler that I've been looking for and couldn't find anywhere. My friend found it for me. (I actually had a chance to try it out. It's pretty cool.)
11. The packaging from said ruler.
12. a desk lamp.
13. a calculator.

Hmmmm ... I think it's time to clear off my desk!

So What's on your's?

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  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Your desk doesn't sound all that cluttered. Mine is covered in school books from writing papers this past week. Anyone who sees it must think I love the Middle Ages, Russia and the Civil War.

  2. Oh I would be embarrassed to tell about my desk, I have too much stuff on it and the sad part is, it's stuff that really isn't for a desk! Happy TT.!

  3. What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for visiting my TT. :)

    I don't actually work at a desk - I put my feet up in the La-z-boy with my laptop. It figures - I finally have a house with a lovely office space and I never use it! LOL

    Let's see, what's within arm's reach...

    TV remote
    Cup of coffee
    Franklin planner
    Ebook reader
    Digital camera
    Order receipt from most recent high school band citrus sale
    Envelope where I throw all my business receipts
    Audio book
    The dog. :)

  4. Your desk sounds nice and clean compared to mine, LOL.

  5. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Desks are so fascinating. I have two rose plants that I rescued from the trash at a local nursery. I'm hoping to keep them alive until spring.

  6. There are way more than 13 things on top of my desk right now! Yours actually sounds pretty under control. Happy TT!

  7. Hmmmm....a short list. I see a blog of my own in the coming weeks. I am sure a list of what was on my desk would be very long indeed.

  8. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I did a similar T 13 before.
    Your desk is much neater then mine, I am sure.

  9. my desk is now my lap, partially because I always had too much stuff on my desk!
    Good list though, thanks for dropping by
    happy Thursday

  10. I think my desk is such a mess, I wouldn't know where to start....xoxoxox Happy TT

  11. Well, my desk at work was remarkably clean today, so that list would have been pretty short. Since I'm now at home in the den, the list is longer:

    A stack of CDs
    tape dispenser
    SA Songs of Faith
    eyeglass case
    paper clip container
    wireless Internet gizmos
    coasters (yes, I drink liquids near my computer - shame on me)

  12. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Too much to even start listing!!! My desk is a mess right now! I have papers, embellies, cardstock everywhere. I have finished cards, half-finished ones... which reminds me that I need to buy some enveloppes if I want those finished cards to get anywhere anytime soon! LOL

  13. Does this only happen on Thursdays


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