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Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

It's our anniversary today. 21 years ago today, I married my Soulmate! So, today, I dedicate the Thursday Thirteen to my bestfriend!

Thirteen Things I love about my Husband

1. He's a great Dad!

2. He has a great sense of humour and makes me laugh.

3. He's a mathmatician and so he can help the boys with their math homework.

4. He's smart (it kind of goes with the last one)

5. He's totally devoted to me and the boys.

6. He loves to make me happy. (I hope I'm as good in this department for him.)

7. He never (OK, rarely) complains about my addiction to scrapbooking ... and the money and time that I spend on it.

8. He's a great provider. Because of him, I can stay home and take care of him, our family and the house.

9. He's good with money ... and has taught me how to be better with money than I used to be.

10. He thinks he's the luckiest man alive ... inspite of my many shortcomings.

11. He shares my beliefs.

12. He fosters my independence and encourages me to take time for me.

13. He still turns my crank after 21 years of marriage!

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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Great list Barbara! I hope that you'll get this one on a page. ;)

    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. It's great to see loving long lasting couples! Congratulations to you both. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    I wish our families could meet in person, since we have some children of the same ages. Our sons are 25, 22, and 12, and our daughters are 23, 23, 20, 18, 16 and 15.

    We love math. Our oldest son works for Microsoft, and the next oldest is a math and computer science major who has served an internship at Microsoft.

    We love music, too. I guess I'll stop blabbing, and just come to visit your blog now that I've met you through Thursday 13. Thank you for your comment over at my blog. :)

  3. Happy TT! Your man sounds like a prize. You're both lucky. That's a wonderful picture in the header.

    Thanks for stopping by my site too.

  4. Happy Anniversary and Happy TT! Thank you for stopping by my TT. (I too, am a closet scrap booking fiend. Have you ever tried an "Altered Book"?? Too much fun!)

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    What a great Thursday Thirteen! Happy Anniversary!

    You have a beautiful family. I have three boys too. Mine are 7 (will be 8 in one week), 4 1/2, and 11 months. When I saw your family photo, I thought, "Wow, that's me in another ten years."

    God bless! :)

  6. you are wonderfully blessed. congrats on your anniversary. my 30th is next week.

    thanxs for your visit and for thinking my NaNo Novel sounds like a good read. I hope it will be someday but the rush to meet the NaNo challenge of 50K words in 30 days always creates a mostly unreadable mess.

  7. Aw, these are so sweet!

  8. What a great TT. Sounds like your hubby is as great as mine! Happy Anniversary!!

  9. Happy Anniversary! You and John are a great couple and a great pair of parents.

  10. Anonymous6:06 AM

    He sounds like a great husband and father! Lucky you! And lucky him that he has YOU! :)
    Happy anniversary to the two of you! May you celebrate many, many more.

  11. Happy Anniversary. May your relationship continue to bloom and deepen over the coming years.


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