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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

It's been a long time since I participated in the Thursday Thirteen. I always enjoyed it, so I'm going back to it.

Thirteen Things I'm not afraid to admit to watching regularily on TV

1. Dr. Phil. I admit it. I'm a huge fan. I love this man and his show ... although there are some that I could do without.
2. Judge Judy. Yes. I know. You're all stunned. ...there's just something about seeing some idiot getting their just desserts.
3. Desperate Housewives.
4. Mad Men. Have you seen this show??? I love it.
5. Jon and Kate Plus 8. ...watching this show always makes me feel like I have a quiet, peaceful home.
6. Little People Big World. This is just so inspiring to me.
7. Two and a Half Men. This has to be my favorite right now. I know, there's a lot of sexual inuendos, but it's hysterical. I bust my gut laughing every show.
8. Property Virgins (a show about people buying their first homes ... such memories ... sigh)
9. House Hunters (another show about people house shopping)
10. Nancy Grace. (this one makes John cringe. I really don't know what the draw is for me ... I only watch when it's a good topic)
11. Amazing Race (love this reality show. This is one I would love to do)
12. Who's Line is it Anyway? ... I know this is in reruns now, but it's hilarious. When it comes on in my house, we all have to watch it. I love hearing my boys laugh from their gut!
13. 20/20 ... I love a good, real-life mystery

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  1. Amazing Race, House Hunters, Jon and Kate +8....all are some of my favorites! This list is right up my alley!

  2. We love watching the Who's Line is it? reruns. So funny. Love Ryan!

    I told my friend (who is a big fan) that I watch John and Kate +8 simply because I don't want to miss it when John finally smacks her. LOL.

  3. Interesting list. You obviously have eclectic taste, but don't we all. The few times I've watched "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" I've laughed my head off.

    Happy TT!

  4. i agree with the choice of judge judy. i just wish i could say to some people what she does.

  5. top chef, and hell's kitchen top my list! happy tt!

  6. I love Amazing race also... and would do that one in a second. Most of your list fits what I watch also. I was watching Jon and Kate last night.

  7. Anonymous1:15 PM

    some of those shows sound interesting. i don't have tv or cable, so i get to invent my own dramas:)
    See if you can find the craziest animal?
    TT13 Animals

  8. I am a TV show addict although from your list only DH and 21/2 men do we share...

    Happy TT and thanks for stopping by!

  9. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I love the Amazing Race. I one went as far as getting an application form and filling half of it in.

    We watch Judge Judy most days. I like the cases when something unexpected happens, like a surprise witness, or when the case turns and the plaintiff is the one who ends up paying!

  10. Anonymous4:07 PM

    We only have dR Phil over here in Sweden of those. I do think he helps them and that's a really good thing, as the opposite to many other TV programs.

  11. Have you seen the spoof on Saturday Night Live of Nancy Grace? It is right on - cracks me up! We like the Amazing Race and Little People Big World too. That Matt is always up to something. Here's our T13 for the week...

  12. I watch Judge Judy too...but not the other shows on your list. I also watch Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis and if home early enough, Judge Alex.

  13. Interesting list. I'd have to reach back a long time to compile 13 TV shows I've watched regularly in the past 5 years or so; I'd do better with a list of 13 books I've read in the past two or three months. That would be pretty easy.

  14. Anonymous9:30 AM

    What a great list! I can't believe you don't watch Grey's Anatomy though... that's one of the few shows I do watch. And no, I don't think I could make it to thirteen with this particular topic. :P


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