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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Happy Place

We went up the the trailer and we were able to stay there for the whole weekend. Spencer had to play with the Divisional Youth Band up there on sunday morning so we had a perfect excuse not to have to go back down into the city for Sunday morning.

It was really hot and humid all weekend, but I'm so glad to see the arrival of the hot weather that I wasn't going to complain.
On Saturday we had some work to do around the trailer ... mostly yard stuff and laying more sod, but Sunday we were able to relax and just enjoy being up there. As we were out for a walk, I came to the realization that Jackson's Point is truly my Happy Place. I feel so relaxed and content when I'm there. A lot of it has to due with the fact that I spent time up there every summer when I was a child ... either attending camps, or spending time at my parents' trailer. As we walked through the camp with the boys I knew that in a few years they, too, will experience the same nostalgic feelings that I feel now.

This is my Happy Place:

John and Matt playing catch:

With it being so hot, we spent some time on the beach. (Even Matt managed to sit there for a short while.) It was a lot cooler there, then at the trailer. Cameron was the only one who made it into the water and it didn't take him long to start finding the crayfish.


  1. It's my "Happy Place" and my "Holy" place as well. It's where I always feel the weight of the world lift off my shoulders as soon as I step foot on the property. I miss it..........

  2. You're making me miss our trailer ... we took a seasonal site at our favorite place in 2003. I could feel the stress fall right off my shoulders the minute we'd turn onto the Big Rideau Lake road. Unfortunately, being away every weekend just doesn't fit into our lifestyle now (dh has gone back into real estate).

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. I wonder how many people find their happy place somewhere from a childhood memory...

    Jackson's is a special place because we spent so much time there but also because of our spiritual connection to the place.

  4. Great pictures! I love the sense of family I get from these pics. No wonder it's your happy place. :)

  5. Great pictures. It's nice to have a place to get away and re-charge one's batteries.


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