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Monday, October 15, 2007

On Saturday Barb came to town. I met Barb through an online scrapbooking board. Over the past couple of years we've got to know each other a little through the on-line chat, emails, and following each other's blogs. I felt a connection with Barb long before Saturday because we are both walking the same road (a road that can be very tiring and tedeous at times.) Barb has a son who has Asperger's Sydrome which is on the autism spectrum. Asperger's Sydrome and Nonverbal Learning Disorder are very similar syndromes and both deal with the same type of issues.

I'm very fortunate to have a great, supportive family who understands Matthew and the disorder that he deals with everyday. I also have wonderful friends who are very non-judgmental, and let me talk on and on when I need to. ...but it's rare when I actually get to sit and talk with someone who truely understands the road. It was so nice to share with someone who really knows what it's like.

Barb is such a wonderful lady who is a fantastic mother. We had a wonderful time together, but it was way too short. When I dropped her off at the convention that she was attending I felt like we'd just been together for 5 minutes instead of 4 hours. I only hope she wasn't too exhausted from all the talking we did about our sons and that she was able to enjoy the reason for coming to town in the first place ... meeting Nic!


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. Having a person who can understand beyond general empathy is a blessing.

  2. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Hey Barb, I was just about to send you an e-mail, telling you what a wonderful mom you are! lol

    Thank you so very much for picking me up at the airport and spending the morning with me. I really enjoyed our time together, and like you said, it seemed so very short. I draw strength and inspiration from your farmily's experiences because you are living proof that everything my husband and I do will make a difference in the long run.

  3. Friendships like these are precious. As much as I empathize with you, I can't truly know deep inside what you experience. It takes an "insider" to do that.

  4. I totally agree about barb, she's fantastic!
    Glad you guys had a good time together...she said nice things about you, too, on her blog!

  5. there's nothing like finding friends who completely understand what you are going through on a personal level. no matter how much others try to help, sometimes you just need that intimate knowledge and support. i can appreciate the need of friends like that when i am down or frusterated about the adoption process!


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