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Friday, June 22, 2007

Do I look old to you?

OK. Don't answer that.

I feel old (and look the part too) right now. Matt turned 17 yesterday! Now that is scarey! I'm finding it hard to believe that he is quickly becoming an adult.

Happy birthday Matthew. We love you more than anything!


  1. look old? you look like a flippin fossil! just kidding, just kidding...
    you certainly dont' look like you have a 17 year old!

    You look maaawwwvelous dawling....


  2. don't forget to update your 'about me' piece :-)


  3. Happy birthday, Matthew!! By the way Barbara, my emergency geriatric kit is still available.

  4. I hope Matthew had a great day.

    You don't look any older than I do. It's hard to believe it's been 17 years since we were both expecting our babies, your oldest and my youngest. Where has the time gone?

  5. Naw....a seventeen year old? Me, yes but not you. You do not look like you have that many miles on life's highway.

    Happy birthday Matthew. May this coming year be filled with great joys.

  6. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Wow! You don't look old enough to have teenagers. Seriously.

    Happy belated birthday! I hope Matthew had a great day. :)

  7. wow...you are almost old enough to be a ... GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!

  8. From your pictures you look great!
    If you think you feel old now, just wait until your children have their own children who are getting older each year! I wouldn't trade my life, though. I'm enjoying being a grandma but I must say - my baby is 17 1/2 and will be a senior in high school. That's very hard for me to believe!

  9. Come on! Life just started! I always hear I look so young...I'm almost 31 and most people think I am about 23 or 25 years old. NO FUN! I'm a mom of 3 kids and don't want to stay 23!!!!
    So keep up the goodspirit! God gives us our beauty at each part of our life!Inner beauty is what counts!!!!
    Sometimes I wish my kids were already 17!!!! Other kind of worries....

    Love Miranda


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