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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I've been terrible at blogging lately, I know. Last week I promised that I would update everyone on what's been going on around here so here it is:

-John is now finished work. Last week was his first week home. He wants to take a couple of months off before getting back into working, so for now he's a man of leisure. That's been going OK. He seemed a little lost last week but he quickly cured that by going out and buying himself a satelite dish. He's been busy rewiring the basement so it can be hooked up.

-the house painting continues. Last week I got the family room done and all the trim in the family room and kitchen. Now that John's home, he can pitch in to help!

-I've got another scrapbooking retreat coming up in two weeks so I have been busy getting that organized. Mostly everything is done. I've got to organize my own stuff for that now.

-we had a busy weekend last weekend with two family get togethers on top of the Easter and Good Friday Church things on. I was exhausted by the end of the weekend.

-The girls are planning the second anual scrapping getaway. Last year we went to Quebec City for the week. This year we have a gorgeous 7 bedroom cabin booked in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. It looks fabulous. I don't think September could get here soon enough.

-Matt's anxiety has sky-rocketed and we don't know why. He's shutting down at school and being difficult at home. I really wish there was something I could do. I feel really helpless. It's so tough to watch your child go through something like this. I just wish life was easier for him. His Paxil has been increased, but so far no relief. I really don't want to go through another medication change as that's really hard on him, and the rest of the family.

-through all of this I've managed to get some scrapping time in at home. These are some of my recent layouts.


  1. i'm totally no expert, but is it possible update #1 and update #6 have something to do with one and other?

  2. Jenn, that may not be helping matters, but Matt has been anxious now for a few months. He seems OK to have John home and knows that his dad will have no problems finding employment when he's ready. (I think Matt is more happy about the settlement that John got ... he's hoping to score a Wii out of it.)

    It seems to be related to school. He gets very overwhelmed with the amount of work (even though he hasn't had a lot of work ... well, that he has told us about, anyway.)

  3. If you are going to the Smokies you might talk them into rafting while you are in the area. If you travel down through WVA, doing the Gulley on Sat, Sun or Mon would give you a thrill...and maybe a few spills.

  4. oh dear Barb, I hope Matt adjusts to what is his norm and you get a little break. I don't know much, only what I've learned from you, but it must be hard.

    And to have hubby around all day too...that's a double whammy in my books :-) You're stronger than me!

  5. And Dave, how nice of you to try to dunk us in the river :-)


  6. Sorry about Matt's current difficulties. I can't imagine what it's like for him.

    You'll love the Smokies in the fall. It's a gorgeous area. If you go rafting in West Virginia on your way through, leave the scissors in the car.

    Love your layouts too.

  7. mmm...at least summer holidays are coming soon. he'll be ok though - as stressful as things seem, he always pulls through! and if the dream of a wii helps, who's to argue?

  8. Barbara, those LOs are all FABULOUS! Have a great time on your scrapping retreat!


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