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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How it all began

I was reading Michelle's blog and she issued a challenge to tell the story of how we got into scrapbooking. Well, here's my story:

We were living in Barbados at the time. Cameron was just a baby. A new family moved to the Island and we quickly became friends. One day I was over at her place and she was telling me about her sister-in-law who sold "Creative Memories" (for those who aren't familiar, it is like the tupperware version for scrapbooking ... you have home parties, etc.) I had never heard of scrapbooking so I asked her what it was.

Then she showed me her albums!

Right away I was hooked. Just one look. That's all it took. (hey, isn't that a song?)

I went home and told John all about it and was so excited.

The next time we returned home to Canada for a visit, I ran off to White Rose (which is now no longer) and Michaels, and bought what I thought I needed and what I thought would last me until our next home visit.

When we returned to Barbados, the stuff sat and stared at me for the longest time. I was too nervous to do my first page. Amy and I had plans to get together so she could help me but then I couldn't wait and I sat one night and did my first layout.
I was so pleased with the end result that I was working on the book every night after that. I quickly ran out of supplies and had to really stock up when I went back to Canada for a visit.

Within a year, we had a nice little scrapping club going of about 5 ladies.

So, that's how it all began for me. Here I am, 10 years later, still going strong.


  1. Aside from the nausea, pregnancy was pretty cool and exciting. Well, aside from the nausea and the fact that one cannot lie down or sit or stand or walk comfortably in the last month because the humongous stomach is always in the way!

    It's fun when the baby kicks, except when he (or she) kicks too hard or in the wrong place. Dave and I would lie in bed and watch my stomach hop around while the baby was stretching and doing whatever it is they do in there. It was far more entertaining than TV.

  2. I remember clicking that picture.

  3. Isn't it incredible how much our scrapping styles change? Compare this first LO (that you were so proud of) to some of your recent LOs!
    My first pages were so full of stuff! Paper tearing, flowers, embellies, pictures, very "shabby chic" and now my LOs are so lineasr and less "crowded"...in fact, I do not really like that shabby chic anymore...only a few people can really pull off that style, and Katie (Kataroo) is one of them.
    I love the simplicity of Danielle and ChrisS from Scrapping buddies.
    OK, enough blabbing...


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