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Friday, March 30, 2007

Signs that Spring is in the air

Signs that Spring has hit my world:
-the bikes are slowly making their way from the basement to the garage
-as are the scooters, skateboards, and airpumps.
-we can't get the cars into the garage again as there are bikes, helmets, scooters, airpumps, jackets, shovels, and other various items littering the floor
-Cameron comes in the front door after school, and goes right out the back
-the boys' friends are calling on them (and vice versa) again, rather than calling on the phone to see if they want to play
-I've noticed that my windows are dirty
-the Human Beings around this neck of the woods are coming out of hibernation
-the cat is constanty running to the door wanting out
-the buds are starting on the trees and bushes
-after school I'm yelling at the boys to pick up their "spring" coats, rather than their winter ones
-Matthew and Spencer are taking longer to walk home from school
-the BBQ is starting to get a work-out
-the grocery bill contains items such as ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs, and steak
-there is garbage everywhere (the worst part of spring - stuff that has been burried under the snow banks for months)
-the road crews are out in full force
-shoes are muddy
-the grass is soggy
-birds are singing
-people are smiling again
-we are reaquainting ourselves with our neighbours

David had a photo challenge this month to take three pictures of signs of spring. Here are my entries:


  1. Great signs of spring. We've been noticing similar signs too. I like the photo of the cat, nice sidelighting.

  2. Hey!

    cool photos and great summary! boys boys boys boys...and if I'm not mistaken the cat is a boy too...


    Hi Evie, we meet here often :-)

  3. Funny - I noticed my dirty windows the other day, too!

  4. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Spring is further ahead of schedule in your part of the world than in mine, but hey, not much longer now for the buds to come out on our trees! Our neighbours' kids are all playing basketball instead of road hockey, a sure sign that the season is changing. :)

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Cool pictures Barbara! :D My cats are also darting to the door as soon as it opens these days... But spring is a good thing. :D

  6. Wonderful signs.


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