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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just another day in Paradise.

The nice weather has continued. The last couple of days have been perfect weather, sunny and warm.

On Tuesday we decided to take the boys to St. Andrew's State Park for the day. We've never been there and heard that it would be a good place for Cameron to do some fishing. It's a very nice little park with some nature trails. One of them goes along the shore of a small lake where you get to see alligators and lots of birds. We had a lot of fun trying to find the alligators who were hiding just below the surface of the water, while we were standing on the shore.

Cameron did some fishing off the pier there. He loved it but didn't catch anything. He didn't even get a nibble, but it was a gorgeous spot just to sit and watch the boats go by. He used shrimp for bait which he had a lot of fun trying to gross the rest of us out with. It worked!

Then we went to the beach in the park which was gorgeous. All three boys had fun exploring the rocks while John and I sat and tried to spot some dolphins that were swimming by. We managed to see two pods (is that what they are called?) of them and I was alble to get some shots of them on my film camera with the zoom lens on. I hope they turn out.

Today was supposed to be overcast all day, but around 11 a.m. the clouds broke and we ended up with clear blue skies all day. It made for another great day of swimming in the heated pool (OK, for those who know me well, I know you're rolling your eyes because I don't swim unless it is dreadfully hot outside ... so I sat and baked in the sun instead.)

Since we had such a nice time yesterday at St. Andrews, we took Cameron back to do some more fishing. He really wanted to fish from the rocks where someone told him was a good place. After a few attempts and a lot of tears because the line was getting caught in the rocks, and the rod broke, Cameron stated that "this isn't a very good day." We suggested going back to the pier which he was very happy to do. This time, he was able to get some nibbles, but still no fish.

Tomorrow it appears that some rain is coming in, so it looks like a shopping day. Yay! That's a good thing because I'm feeling a little fried right now.


  1. Y'all seem to be having a great time.

  2. you MUST by a hat like papas

  3. Cameron is a scream! And so darn cute too...tell him I said hi and not to worry about not catching any fish...there's lot of time to catch the big one :-)

  4. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Looks like you're having a FABULOUS time. :D

  5. Uhhh....lazy around the beach or pool and getting some tan. I'm a little jealous.


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