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Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday's Feast

I'm trying a different Meme today. It's called Friday's Feast. Each Friday they post different questions for you to answer. This week's required too much think on my part, so I'm going with an older version.

Feast Seventy-Eight
Friday, January 27, 2006

Choose one: Popcorn, Pizza, Pretzels, Peanuts, or Pasta.

Describe your personality in terms of a particular vehicle.
I hate to say it, but probably a mini van ... practical and maternal

If you won a shopping spree, from which store would you want it to be?
I would love a shopping spree from a Camera store like Henry's

Main Course
Which television show re-runs do you enjoy watching?
Everybody Loves Raymond

If you could look into the future, how far down the road would you like to see? 10 years? 100 years? A million
10 years down the road would be good. I could see my boys as men and see if I'm doing it right or if there's things I need to be doing. It sould be nice to know if all this worrying is for nothing.

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