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Thursday, December 07, 2006

This past week I got the house all decorated for Christmas. This is usually a job I enjoy as I carefully unwrap the decorations and place them on the tree or around the house. It's like Christmas Day. Some of my decorations are very special to me and really make me smile when I unwrap them.

Thirteen Thingsthat make me smile when I unpack my Christmas Decorations

1. This is my favorite of all my decorations. My mom gave this too me the year that Matthew was born.

2. This is another special decoration for me. A friend of mine gave it to me when we were living in Barbados and everytime I look at it I think of her.

3. Two of my nutcracker collection. I could never have too many of these.


5. What can I say, I was a hockey mom for a few years.

6. Every year as soon as these hats are out, the boys wear them everywhere ... Cameron even wore it to Church!

7. My Santa collection. I have a lot of these too.


9. The boys' stockings


11. This is Cameron's village. He loves this and sets it up every year. And then spends the season changing it around constantly.

12. Enough said.

13. I have a few glass ornaments that I love. My sister, Joanne, gave these too me when I was getting married. They are special to me.

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  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    What beautiful ornaments. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! You've really put me in the Christmas spirit. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I just love Christmas & everything that comes with it! I like your little baby boy ornament =)..I have my T13 up and guess what??? I have pics of my 13 fave ornaments too! =)
    check it out!

  4. What gorgeous ornaments and decorations (the santas are especially breath-taking)!! Thanks for sharing; they are great.

    Happy TT!

  5. Cute ornaments. Since I'm a divorced guy with no kids, I don't have such a collection. Thanks for sharing yours!

    Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Love your ornaments. We have a tradition, started by my mother when my older sister was born. She bought us each a new christmas ornament every year. When we all got married,she gave us those ornaments for our first x-mas tree. It's something I've done for my daughters too.

  7. What a GREAT list! Thanks for stopping by, and Happy TT!

  8. Great ornaments. I have been a homeowner now for three years and I haven't put up my own tree. I don't know what I am waiting for. Being part pack rat I fully intend to collect ornaments but I just haven't felt motivated to do it.

    My Thursday Thirteen #22 Hat Tip Edition is up. Stop by if you get a chance.

  9. Yes, very beautiful ornaments. My wife and I like to add one or two every year to our tree.

  10. I love that you illustrated your T13 with pictures. Each of those items must make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  11. 1/3 of my ornaments and decorations left when Jenn got married. The second third leaves after this Chrsitmas with Jason and Alyson getting married this spring. Time for me to start getting some of my own.

  12. Oh your list is better bc of the pics!!

    I have my TT up for the first time in a long time. I like checking into your blog... we both have all boys!


  13. Great photo list.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my TT!

    You have some beautiful decorations. This is actually the first year that I have decorated for the holidays. I'm Jewish and it's always a tough time of year to figure out how to fit in yet still not decorate for a holiday we don't celebrate.

    I love the glass snowmen that you have - beautiful!

  15. thanks for stopping by my T13. =) i love your snowmen!

  16. Great idea for a blog. I should try it sometime...


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