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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November Photo Challenge

OK. The idea was to hand the challenge around each month so eveyrone gets a chance to come up with different ideas but I'm going to post this month's. Who wants to host if for next month?

I saw this challenge on a scrapbooking board and thought it was a cool idea. The original idea came from a photography board. November 30th is the deadline for this challenge.

Okay, I was reading through a photography board and saw this idea and thought it would be fun to try!

The assignment is a "Self Portrait"


The challenge is that you are NOT to take a photograph of you...However, you are to try and find something that you feel symbolizes/represents you, reminds you of your feelings at this point in your life, etc.

When you post your photo, please feel free to explain the significance behind it.

Same rules as last time. If you are slr, no automatic mode. If you are digital, no retouching on the computer.

Lets see if we can get more players this time. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.


  1. hmmmm....interesting....i accept your challenge

  2. I will bow out of the photo challenges until I can figure out how to do it....


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