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Friday, September 15, 2006

There's something wrong with this!

I followed a link from another blog to this site. It is a kids' pageant site. When Jon Bennet Ramsey was killed, there was a ton of media attention placed on little girls in pageants like this. To tell you the truth, it kinda creeps me out. All these little girls don't even look real. They look like plastic barbie dolls with painted on eyes, lips, and eyebrows. They even wear wigs. They don't look five, or even ten. They look like they're 25.

I wonder what kind of mother would do this to a precious little child. They should be out playing with their friends, having sleep-overs, and slopping icecream down the front of them, not being made to practise for hours on end and being made up.

I remember seeing such a mother on the Dr. Phil show and she claimed that her 5 year old wanted to do it. All you saw in the footage was the poor child crying and not wanting to participate, and the mother yelling and yanking her around. This family was in debt passed their eyeballs because of the huge expense of these pageants, and their other children had to suffer because of it.

It just gives me the creeps!

The really weird thing is the oldest girl on the page linked to is the only one who looks normal.


  1. I agree. For a mother to claim that a 5 year old wants to do this is not justification. There are many things that our kids want to do which we as adults say no for the good of the child and the protection of the child. The child would not do this unless the parent puts forth the idea and drives it. It is the parent (often the mother) who is giving their daughters the ideas on how to dress.

  2. When Jenn was an infant and right through until she was about 6 years old, I was approached many times by photographers and "people on the street" who asked if I wanted to put Jenn into modelling and once, I was asked if I would consider putting her into a pagent (I think it was called the "Little Miss Sunshine Pagaent"). Although I was flattered, this scared the begeebers out of me! There was no way I was going expose my little girl to a world where looks was considered of primary importance, and where little girls, BABIES, are dressed to look sexy and provocative. I agree with you Barb, IT'S CREEPY.

  3. I agree. They should be out having fun. It doesn't seem right. They should chose when they are older not be forced into it at auch a young age.

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  5. I get very upset when I see these things. These parents are exposing their children to some potentially dangerous day ahead. Sexual predators loves these sites. It feeds their debased desires.
    Unbelievable is what I say!!! Why would such parents expose their kids to such things? They are warping their values for life - setting up unrealistic expectations as to what is really of value in life! They are teaching their children that their value as a person is based on the artifical, the superficial, the fake, on a phoney appearence. These parents are trying to live out their own fantacies at the expense of the social and mental well being of their children! As far as I am concerned, this borders on child abuse!!

  6. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Omg... those pics creeps me out too! They all look so fake and so old... I agree with what the others said.

    I find it funny when the girls dress up and play princess and put on their play-makeup and such but I wouldn't have them involved in such craziness... *sigh*

    Talk about giving the wrong values to your kids... Poor babies...

  7. Young children will often say yes to whatever adults view as important because they equate love and acceptance with being agreeable to an adult. The early years of life are called the formative years for a reason - littel children are so impressionable and persoanality is formed by the age of five. When adults put emphasis on such superficial things, these children often believe that looking good means love and acceptance and their love of self is dependent on exterior forces and opinions. How sad!


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