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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What a weekend! I had so much fun. It was our bi-annual scrapbooking retreat at Jackson's Point. While it's a lot of work to put together each time, it is more than worth it in the amount of fun, relaxation, and fellowship we all share together.

This time we extended it by a day. We were there for three nights and it just flew by. I didn't get a lot accomplished layout wise, but I spent a lot of time relaxing and socializing which is just what I needed. The weather was perfect ... sunny and warm so there was some time spent walking on the beach.

Our theme for this weekend was Flower Power and Women Power. Friday night a bunch of the ladies dressed in 60s garb. It was hillarious. We also had ladies who decorated their tables and doors. What a fantastic group of ladies! They are so much fun. I didn't want to come home.

Check out these two! Rosalind and Zoe are mother and daughter. They have such a cool relationship and truly enjoy spending time together. They really got into character!

I will post more pictures as I get them.

Since the weekend I've been trying to catch up on my sleep. It's not really working too well. Fortunately this is a fairly quiet week as far as the boys' schedules, so I don't have a lot of running around to do.


  1. What a crazy bunch of hippies!

    Did we really wear those outrageous color combinations? YIKES!

  2. So I want to know what Zoe's smoking, and in front of her mom to boot!!!!

    Looks like it was a blast. I miss it.

  3. I enjoyed the weekend away too. I love spending time at camp, evn if only for a few days. Just to get away is so relaxing.

    It takes me a little while to get into a creative groove so the first night is almost always a "nothing accomplished" night. I usually spend that tie "playing" with my things - boys have their stereo toys; I have my scrapbooking toys!


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