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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today I leave for the retreat. Everything is packed except my clothes. Who needs clothes anyway??? I'm excited about going for three days. This time we've extended the retreat by a day as it just wasn't long enough!

On my to do list today is:
-pack my clothes (I think they may kick me out if I start to smell.)
-load the car
-Matt has a doctor's appointment
-clean the house (I don't know why I bother because it will be in even worse state by the time I get home.)
-pick up boys from school (do I really have too?????)
-get the boys to get working on their homework before I go
-clean out the van (now that's just nasty!)
-pick up two of my scrapping buddies
-hit a store on the way up to the retreat
-check in
-have fun!!!!!

Can't I just skip down the list to the last four?

This is a photo of the last retreat of some brave girls doing the Macarana (did I spell that right?)


  1. I would get rid of the macarena dancer in white and the one in brown. The others obviously know more about dancing than those two! :-)

    Have a good time. Here's an idea: let John and the boys clean the house!

  2. Okay, either I'm colorblind or my computer monitor at work is fading fast. Are those two dancers wearing gray and black (not white and brown)? Anyway, you know which two I mean - they're suspicious-looking ladies. I'm surprised the others let them into the group. :-)

  3. OK, so I want to hear all the "down and dirty" about the weekend. It is one of things I really miss about living back home. Also, what I want to know is, why is there "dancing" at a Sally Ann camp? Hey Evie, I know why the one in the white and the one in the brown look suspicious........it's because they're Sally girls.....they're not supposed to be "dancing" (oh, maybe they are "creatively moving" , not dancing).

  4. We are doing choreography! One of us (I will remain nameless) needs much more practice to be in sinc with the others!


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