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Friday, May 19, 2006

What a mess!

My house is a mess! The gardens are a mess! The cars are a mess! I HATE LIVING IN A MESS!!! Life with three boys is always messy. There is so much I need to do today and no way I'm going to get it all done so I'm taking a sanity break right now.

It's Victoria Day weekend. Yay! First long weekend of the summer and time to open the trailer. We will head up tonight (after piano lessons and a Junior Music Camp meeting). It will be dark when we finally arrive, but that's OK. I'm looking forward to getting it ready for the summer and spending the weekend working and relaxing around the trailer. Somehow work up there is not like work. (except for cutting the grass ... but that's not my job!) The weather will be nice, not hot, but nice. No rain. I think we've had enough of that this week.

I've had very little play time this week. I feel like I've been running or crashing. I've been dieing to play with my new cutting system, but just haven't had the time.

Last weekend I managed to get some layouts done for an on-line crop. These are some of my latest creations:

My boys! Aren't they so handsome? This was done from an ad.

This one was a scraplift challenge. The original artist is Cheryl on Cherished Scrapbooks.

Finally got Spencer's 13th birthday scrapbooked.


  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Love your new pages! =D I love how your LOs are bright and fun! =D

    We haven't seen you much at SB lately! =( Come and say hi if you have a chance! =D

  2. Great layouts! I need to find the time to get some of my layouts on line.

    I can relate to the messy boy thing. In a classroom clean-up time is always fun. Most of the time the boys look busy but pick up and put away next to nothing. It's amazing how the girls work at clean-up time.... I learned to count their "pieces" they have picked up as a ticket out the door at hoe time!


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