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Monday, May 15, 2006

Well, yesterday was Mother's Day as you know. We spent the weekend celebrating our mothers. On Saturday I went to London to be with my Mom and attend a Mother/Daughter banquet. It felt so good to be sharing that with her again as it's been about three or four years since attending it. My mom is a great lady who always sacrificed for her family. I remember growing up and money was always tight with 7 children in the house. Mom always wore old shoes and old coats, so that we wouldn't have to. She is a shining example of a mother's unconditional love for her children ... an example that I fall very short of. She taught us how to love the unloved, and how to stand up for your principles no matter what. When I'm sitting ont he couch watching TV I often try to remember seeing my own mom doing that, and I can't. She was always busy doing something for one of us and taking care of someone. She is a great mom!

While I was in London, John was in Guelph taking his Mom out for dinner. There's something very special about boys and their moms! (I know, I have three of them.) I am very blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law who also sacrificed greatly for her children. She is a wonderful giving person who is always happy and enjoys her children greatly. She did a fine job in raising John to be a wonderful, giving husband who only wants the best for his family.

Yesterday was my turn. While I know that my boys are still fairly young and don't fully grasp the significance of the day, I know that they love me and the bond that we share is unlike any other bond that either of us will have with anyone else. When something happens in their life, I'm the one they run to - whether it's good or bad.

When Matthew was 10 he gave me the best present ever. He wrote me a letter:

"If it weren't for you mom, I wouldn't be in school.
If it weren't for you mom, I wouldn't clean my room.
If it weren't for you mom. I would watch TV 24/7.
If it weren't for you mom, I would not do my chores.
If it weren't for you mom, I would stay up all night.
If it weren't for you mom, I wouldn't get shouted at. (ouch!)
If it weren't for you mom, I would have more free time.
If it weren't for you mom, I would eat whatever I wanted.
But if it weren't for you mom, I don't know where I would be now.

After giving me this letter in a card, he played a Backstreet Boys song on his CD player called "The perfect fan."

The Perfect Fan
It takes a lot to know what is love
It's not the big things, but the little things
That can mean enough
A lot of prayers to get me through
And there is never a day that passes by
I don't think of you
You were always there for me
Pushing me and guiding me
Always to succeed

You showed me
When I was young just how to grow
You showed me
Everything that I should know
You showed me
Just how to walk without your hands
Cause mom you always were
The perfect fan

God has been so good
Blessing me with a family
Who did all they could
And I've had many years of grace
And it flatters me when I see a smile on your face
I wanna thank you for what you've done
In hopes I can give back to you
And be the perfect son


You showed me how to love
You showed me how to care
And you showed me that you would
Always be there
I wanna thank you for that time
And I'm proud to say you're mine


Cause mom you always were
Mom you always were
Mom you always were
You know you always were
Cause mom you always were
The perfect fan

I love you mom

There were a lot of tears flowing that morning. For a 10 year old he had so much sensitivity and insight. Now, everytime I hear that song, I choke up!

Happy Mother's Day to all women out there. I want to especially include the women I know who don't have their own children because I know how much effort they put into helping me out in mothering my children ... in advice, help, support, and love for my own children.


  1. We did most of our Mother's Day celebrating on Saturday since yesterday was a typical busy Sunday. We went shopping, went out for dinner, then came home and watched a video together. When the video was finished we all went to our respective computers and started uploading stuff onto our brand-new iPods. You read that right - we celebrated Mother's Day by buying iPods for all! Now, it's Monday and Dave and I have to work to pay for the iPods. LOL!

  2. I enjoyed my time with mom. Spending time with her is the least I can do after all our parents have done for us! I can just imagine how tiring life must have been when we were all really little. Mom and dad must not have had a life...

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    What great gifts you received on Mother's Day! =D Just reading about it make my eyes swoll up... I'm happy that you had a good Mother's Day with your mom. =D It's so important. I had a very good one too with great hand-made gifts from my dds too and a very good visit with my mom. =D

    Sorry to have been MIA reading your blog for a while!


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