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Saturday, March 04, 2006

So yesterday was the big performance for the Jazz Band up in Collingwood. The band played very well. The Music Fest competition is for highschools, but the Junior Jazz (which is grade 7 and 8) goes to it every year. The adjudicator said that they were one of the best bands he had heard in the competition. (I think so too, but then I'm supposed to think that!) Spencer played a solo and did it very well. Unfortunately the sound person didn't get the mic turned on and so you couldn't hear him very well.

This weekend we don't have a lot on other than hockey and Church so I hope to get a lot of scrapping done. I also need to organize some things for our Florida trip. We leave on Thursday and I haven't even thought about it. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

Here's a recently completed layout. I'm finally getting to all the CKU pictures that I have in my pile. When we were in Stamford, we found this very cool 50s diner on the first night there. The food was great, and the atmosphere was a lot of fun. It was called Lucky's. We loved it so much we had to go back again on our last night there.

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