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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm so excited. My sister, Joanne is in town and the three of us sisters are going to go out for dinner tonight. I should be off the computer right now getting myself ready, but I'm not ... I'm here, LOL! It's been a while since she was in town. Hopefully no one has to rush off tonight and we can have a nice leisurly dinner.

I've been having a lot of fun with my pictures from Music Camp. I really don't know why it too me so long to bring them out. They make me laugh everytime I look at them.
I did this layout last weekend.

Every year at camp there seems to be a pie-in-the-face thing going on. This year, it seemed to be someone's birthday each day (whether that person knew it or not!) As soon as you heard the birthday song, you knew someone was going to get it in the face. Once you had it, you could rest easy because you wouldn't get it again. I was fortunate in that on the second day it was my "birthday" but they forgot the whip cream so I got a jug of water over my head instead. At least I was able to relax the rest of the week. I tell you, these adults are worse than kids!!!!


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Love this LO Barb! Great job!!!


  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Those pics are too funny and I love what you did with them! Your LO just brings out the bold colors and fun in them! =D


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