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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I have finally pulled out some pictures from last summer to scrapbook. I've been putting these off for a long time now, why, I don't know. They are really fun pictures. They are pictures of Junior Music Camp that we go to every summer. Two of the boys are now too old to attend as Campers but I still go along as a cabin counsellor while Cameron is a camper.

It is always just so much fun. I think the faculty and counsellors have more fun than the campers. There is always a lot of practical jokes going on back and forth. I don't even bother putting on my make-up all week or trying to do my hair because I know that an hour later I would just need to have another shower.

Each day there is a different theme that the whole day revolves around. On this one particular day it was Prehistoric Day and there was a challenge where the kids all had to dig for dinosaur bones. It was a huge mud pit that two of the men had spent the day making, and then they buried a ton of plastic bones. When I was going through these pictures I was killing myself.

Look at the look on the boys' faces!

The kids had so much fun (except the boys!)

As you may have guessed, the adults had to get involved!

I fought real hard, but I lost in the end!

Call me crazy, but I can't wait for camp this year. I need some good practical joke ideas!

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  1. Barb,
    These are great photos. I think I'll start washing my hair with mud, just like you! :)


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